Practice makes perfect:

Confidence is the key to great photos.  During your photo shoot, I will help with facial expressions and poses but I encourage you to practice at home in front of the mirror to better prepare yourself. 

Take a look at our website as well as books and magazines to help you with those smiles, winks and surprised looks.

Let us take care of your hair and makeup:

In order for us to give you that PERFECT vintage or boudoir look, please come to the studio prepared to be made over.

Hair:  Please wash your hair 24 hours prior to your shoot and arrive with your hair completely dry.   We recommend not using any products (including straightening products or oils) in your hair.  For extremely curly, please blow your hair out straight the day before your shoot.  If you color your hair, please have it touched up so no roots are showing. Also, if you own 100% human hair, clip-in extensions feel free to bring them along.

Makeup: Arrive with clean, moisturized skin that is free of any makeup.  All makeup (including fake eyelashes) will be applied at the studio.  Please also groom your eyebrows 2-3 days before your photo shoot.

Nail polish:

Please paint your nails and toes for pinup use classic pinup colors, like red or soft pink. For boudoir anything goes...  Press on nails are a great option.

Tan lines:

Please even out any tan lines prior to your photo shoot.  It is not necessary to tan for your photos but if you would like to have some color, then tanning or a professional spray tan is recommended.

We recommend that you use http://www.darciesmobilespraytans.com/blog/ for the best tan.

Self tanning lotions are not recommended as the color rubs off and stains the wardrobe. Please don't do this!!

Unwanted hair:

Remove any unwanted body hair you do not want to show in your images. 

If shaving, please do so at least a few hours prior to your shoot in case of razor burn or cuts.

What to wear or bring:

Be sure to wear or bring a button/ zip front shirt or dress as you will stay in your clothes while in hair and makeup.  Please also bring a pair of slippers or flip flops as socks or strappy shoes will leave unwanted impressions on your feet and legs.

Nude control top stocking are great to wear under things. They sooth out your skin and if you match them to your skin color you cant tell that you have them on.

If you or your S/O has a hobby, bring those thing with you. They make the shoot really fun.

Example: Does he play video games bring his favorite controller with you.... Star Wars fan bring that shirt he loves. Anything can be use to make your shoot special and unique to you.


Session fees are non-refundable

 Any reschedule which is not 48 hrs prior to your scheduled appointment time will result in a cancellation fee. Please keep your photo shoot as a priority in your schedule and be committed to the experience.

If you need to reschedule before the above mentioned time frame, please give us a call and we will find a better date and time for your schedule.

Mini sessions and model calls can not be rescheduled.


Your photographer is a professional and specially trained in boudoir photography. She will be guiding the client throughout the shoot; while we do encourage you to bring in some of your own ideas, we ask that you respect our process and trust that our photographers will make you look your absolute best.

 Absolutely no other photography is permitted during your photo shoot; this includes personal cameras or cell phone cameras. We do have a selfie spot however so tag away.

While we are more than happy with clients bringing a friend for moral support, we highly discourage more than one as it can become more of an audience for the client and make them less comfortable during the photo shoot. Space is also a concern as the photographer will be moving the client all around the suite during the shoot. We also encourage friends to stay positive during the shoot and build up our client’s confidence.

 We do not allow men in the photography room during the session. If you bring your significant other or a male friend, they will be asked to wait in the hallway until you are done with your photo shoot.

Unless we are doing a couples boudoir session in which case those are shot in your home.  =)

Children are not allowed in the photo shoot. Please arrange childcare beforehand.

 Most sessions are held at the studio or in your home, but if you do request a hotel suite you will be asked to cover the fee.



 Images are available for viewing and ordering within 7 days of your session.

 Please take time to look through our products and pricing information before your appointment. We are happy to answer any questions you may have!

 All images are owned by Tabatha Thorne Boudoir until purchase is finalized and absolutely no screen captures will be permitted.

All orders are considered final as they are processed immediately.

All balances must be paid in full before final products are ordered. This includes Payment Plans.

Special dates and holidays are taken into account and we try our best to ensure special orders are received by those dates. We work closely with our photo labs and shipping company to reach those deadlines and on occasion run into unavoidable delays or circumstances.

It is our goal to get orders out in a timely manner. We are not responsible for delays in shipping due to weather or extreme circumstances.



- Button/Zip Front Shirt

 - Slipers/Flip Flops

 - Skin toned, seamless thong/underwear

 - Black or black lace cheeky/ underwear/boy short

-Anything special, dog tags, hobbies…

- strapless push-up bras


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Boudoir Photography? Boudoir Photography is all about empowering, and loving yourself! Stripping yourself, literally ;), of all your insecurities, and allowing yourself to be sexy in a world that tells you not to.

Where are you located? Do you travel? Our main studio is located in Jacksonville NC.  If you would like us to come to your area, reach out for a quote!

"Im not pretty enough", "I'm too fat", "I've never done anything like this before" Are you sure I can do something like this? Ladies!! Like I said before these sessions are all about LOVING yourself. You are ENOUGH, I promise you that. Let me show you how beautiful you are, how gorgeous your body is and how amazing you truly are!! Boudoir does not have a specific size or look, it is for every woman!

How long does it take to get my images back? It takes around 7-10 days to view your images , depending on when you schedule your reveal! Products do take an additional 2 weeks to come in so we recommend you have your session 4 weeks from when you need them so you have ample time to choose and order products.

I cant pose, do you help with that? Of course! I pose you from the tips of your toes to the way your hair lays. I will do all the hard work for you! You do not have to worry about a thing!

Do I have to get naked? OF COURSE NOT! I will never push you to take off a layer you do not want to. If you want to wear a sweater, and shorts... I am all for it! I can make anything look sexy, and sometimes more is less. Gives a little mystery!

Do I supply my outfits, and what do I wear?! We've got you covered! You will have access to our ever growing lingerie closet! It has over 200 pieces from sizes S-3X! We request you bring at least 2 of your own outfits though in case you don't like what we have to offer!

Do my images have to be shared on social media, and your website? Nope! While most of my clients are so proud of their images, and want them shared all over, we do NOT require you to do so! These are your images, and its all about your comfort, and privacy. Your images will be kept completely confidential if you request that.

When you arrive the day of your session we will go over all your outfits, and then start you in hair and makeup! We will discuss your wants, and create a perfect look just for you! Once you are done being glamoured to perfection we will start the session! During your session, I will pose you from head to toe and coach you on getting those steamy facial expressions. I will do all the hard work for you, so you get to sit and look pretty! My sessions are all about trust, and your comfort level, If there ever comes a time when you are uncomfortable in a pose, or feel like you're being pushed too far out of your comfort zone, please speak up, and we will modify or move on! That simple!  We want this experience to be as fun and relaxing for you as possible, and it will be.

After Your Session

After your session we will schedule your in person image reveal and ordering appointment where we will go over all your images together and you can decide on which images and products you want! Most viewing and ordering appointments happen 3-7 days after your session.

It is one thing to view your photos on a computer, but it is something entirely different to see, touch, and flip through pages filled with gorgeous images of your beautiful self.