OPTION 1: PayPal credit! It’s 6 months interest free & you get your products right away. Go here for info: https://creditapply.paypal.com/apply…


OPTION 2: After you’ve applied for PayPal credit, you can apply for an In-House payment plan through me. 25% down is required to be eligible for an in-house payment plan. Pay once per month for 3 – 9 months, depending on how much you finance. 10% processing fee applies to

in-house payment plans.

Finance $1500 or less = 3 month plan

Finance $1500 -$2500 = 6 month plan

Finance over $2500 = 9 month plan

I order your products after the last payment is received.


OPTION 3: Use your own credit card! A lot of people forget about this, but this is a great way to earn those air miles and pay off your products at your convenience + you’ll get your products right away!